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Windows Client Online Backup Software Requirements

Supported Windows and Server Versions
AlotaYotta LLC Backup Software Windows Client deploys on the following platforms, with native 64-bit and 32-bit support:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Server 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows XP

In both case, Microsoft’s .NET 2.0 redistributable is essential, and is by now installed on a good number technology that have been held in reserve up-to-date by Microsoft Windows Bring up to date. The download be able to be start at this point:

Download .NET Framework 2.0 Redist x86 version

Download .NET Framework 2.0 Redist x64 version

Microsoft SQL-Server Versions
AlotaYotta LLCcan dump and backup databases running on Microsoft SQL Server platforms:

  • Microsoft SQL-Server 2008
  • Microsoft SQL-Server 2005
  • Microsoft SQL-Server 2000 (via included expansion scripts)

SQL-Server Browser and Agent Services obligation should be consecutively for the period of the support, and if they are not working by default, it can be twisted on and off for the support or backup via the built-in "before" and "after" order.

Microsoft Exchange Versions

AlotaYotta LLC uses Microsoft’s own tools for backing up Exchange, and so supports the entire versions of Microsoft Exchange.